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Musical Dental Drill

If the thought of going to the dentist filled your head with dread, this may help: a dental drill that plays music! An Indonesian dentist came up with the musical drill to help anxious [...]

Tasty-Looking Treat Is Actually a Nintendo DS Case

You might want to bite into it, but you’ll have to pay a lot of money to a dentist later if you do. Etsy seller TheKawaiiOfficial made this and other cases for the Nintendo DS Lite that look like sweets. Link -via Walyou

Melting Chocolate Lamp

Your dentist will love this lamp because you’ll break a tooth if you try to eat it. Nemo’s lamp appears to be made from slowly melting chocolate that is disappointingly inedible. Link -via Flavorwire | Designer’s Website

Gruesome Dental Manikin

Afraid of the dentist? If you have dentophobia, you probably thought that dentists are trained in medieval torture techniques, with this gruesome looking piece above as a temporary stand-in for your jaws. Take a deep breath. They’re just dental manikins. David Galbraith of [...]

The Self Stirring Pot

(YouTube Link) Are you tired of having to stir while cooking dinner, but you don’t want your food to burn? Wouldn’t you like to let those pesky stirring muscles wither and degenerate? Well, then you need the Kuru-Kuru Nabe, a self stirring pot designed by a Japanese dentist to ease your suffering in the kitchen. Watch as [...]

Dentist plucks out her boyfriend’s teeth

One dentist was so angry with her ex-boyfriend after being dumped that she surgically removed his teeth. Anna Mackowiak may be facing a prison sentenc…

The Cutest Dental Clinic In The World

There’s Hello Kitty restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and more, so why not a dentist office? For those that just can’t stand the sterile environment of the standard dentist clinic, the Hello Kitty dentist office is a welcome alternative…even if it means having to travel to Japan just for a teeth cleaning. Link

A Tower Made from Human Teeth

(YouTube Video) This dentist no doubt inspires confidence in his patients with his tower made from 28,000 teeth from previous patients: This 8ft tower of teeth is foul, and the summit of 15 years work by Yu Qian, a Chinese dentist who is trying to raise awareness about dental hygiene by word of mouth. Or, as it [...]