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Wild Snow Leopard Mother and Cubs

There are only a few thousand snow leopards left in the wild, and they are extremely reclusive, living in the mountains and hunting only at dawn and dusk. Now, for the first time time, we have video footage of a snow leopard mother and cubs in their natural habitat. A team of researchers from the Snow [...]

Counting Sheep 2.0

Leo Babauta over at the Zen Habits blog has posted what he calls “The Simplest Cure for Insomnia” – an effective alternative to counting sheep when you’re having a hard time falling asleep. I’ve tried it and it has worked great. The simplest cure for insomnia: get comfortable and close your eyes, and then replay your [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Alternate Versions of “A Visit from St. Nicholas”

“A Visit from St. Nicholas” is one of the most parodied pieces ever written – more than 1,000 versions have been penned by professional writers and amateurs alike. Here are a few of them, but rest assured there’s a version out there for just about any profession or interest you can think of. 1. My personal [...]

Shocking the Crows

LinkScroll down for today’s pictures & links. Shocking the Crows “Achtung Achtung! Bitte fliegen sie weiter!” No crow will ever be the same after seeing (and hearing) this… Link Today’s pictures & links: Addicted to Tubes Smile, grandpa! Here’s the great, great, great ancestor of our beloved internet: a pneumatic tube system that’s still in operation in Prague (more info). (image [...]