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Scientists beam light around corners

A team of scientists have successfully bent light beams around objects on a two dimensional surface. Its the first ever demonstration of what is known…

Our Favorite Opening Paragraph in the History of Journalism

The Fourth of July is rapidly approaching, which means we’re in for some lectures about fireworks safety. While we may get bored with warnings that end with “…until someone loses a finger” or “…until a red-hot sparkler wire brands someone,” these safety announcements are a worthy cause. Fireworks are dangerous. Just ask the Consumer Product [...]

Monkeys choose best tools to crack nuts

In a demonstration of human-like behaviour monkeys are very selective about the tools they use. Wild capuchin monkeys were filmed weighing up the corr…

Cat registered as hypnotherapist

In a demonstration aimed at showing how lax hypnotherapist regulations are in the UK a BBC presenter has been able to get his pet cat George regis…