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Testing Democracy

We are often told we must learn from history, and that we should learn from the experiences of others, but how often do we learn about forms of government from scientific experiments? MIT economist Benjamin Olken got the chance to run a field study on direct democracy in three Indonesian districts: one predominantly Muslim, one [...]

Democracy on the High Seas: How Pirates Rocked the Vote

by Alisson Clark Sure, they did their fair share of burning and looting. But who knew pirates were ahead of our Founding Fathers when it came to good governance? Everyone knows that swashbuckling types aren’t exactly known for obeying the rules. But years before the United States gained its independence, democracy was actually thriving aboard pirate ships. [...]

Internet Wars: The Ongoing Battle Over How the Web is Run

The people who are making decisions about the internet are, fundamentally, deciding the access of all future generations to come. Forget Afghanistan and Iraq; these are the theaters of war where democracy will live or die. SherWeb has an overview of the most contentious battles over who controls the web. Link From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by [...]