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World’s Most Complex Borders

Image: Jan S. Krogh National borders are often a touchy subject involving a combustible mix of politics, patriotism and geography. Some borders are complex because of they’re based on natural rivers that change course [...]

Breakdancer Born without Legs

(Video Link) You just got served by Vinod Thakur. He doesn’t need legs to dance competitively. This 22-year old phone repairman from Delhi recently appeared on India’s Got Talent and has been wowing fans ever since. Link -via Blame It on the Voices

Aakash Nihalani’s Street Art

Urban artist Aakash Nihalani (previously at Neatorama) sent us a sneak peek at some of his illusory street art featured in a solo exhibit in Delhi, India. Click “more” to see, well, more. Link to Nihalani’s website. Link to his Flickr stream.

American Pleasantries

Jenny and Dave Prager brought us First Impressions of the USA last month. Some of the response they received from global visitors to the USA concerned the common greeting, “How are you?” Lakshmi says: “When I set foot at the Dulles airport in DC, the immigration/customs guy asked me how I was doing — and I [...]

First Impressions of the USA

Jenny and Dave usually write about impressions of India on their American sensibilities. Now they are turning the tables, and blogging about how the United States appears to those who arrive for the first time from India. They followed the stories of two visitors, and then opened up comments for more experiences. One commenter said: During [...]

The Cheapest Taxi Rates in the World

The blog The Price of Travel assessed the average rate for a 3-kilometer taxi ride in one hundred cities. The editors observed that, with some exceptions, taxis were almost the same level of automotive quality worldwide. Higher-quality cars did not necessarily correlate with higher rates. These were the ten cheapest rates: $0.90 – $1.58 Delhi, India $0.97 – [...]

Short Runner Disqualified for Using Stool to Climb over Hurdle

Sapolai Yao represented Papua New Guinea in the steeplechase event at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. Since he’s 4′10″, the hurdles were a bit much for him. So Yao used a potted plant nearby as a step stool to climb up on top of one hurdle, and then jump down. He was disqualified as a [...]

The Underground CAPTCHA Industry

Humans can solve them, computers cannot, or so we’ve been led to believe. Yes, I’m talking about CAPTCHAs, those annoying puzzles you see whenever you post something to Craigslist, or even try to leave a comment on this blog. Originally designed to block spam, Completely Automated Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart, or [...]