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Video shows Curiosity’s descent on to Mars

A new high definition video has been released which shows the descent in unprecedented detail. Reddit user Dominic Muller created the video by taking …

Boba Fett and the Sarlacc, A Love Story

In the belly of the Sarlacc, Boba Fett found a new definition of love and tenderness as he was lovingly embraced for over a thousand years. And even now, cartoonist Chris Gugliotti tells us, “A cool breeze across the dunes of Tatooine still [whispers] the name….Fett.” Link -via Distracted by Star Wars Previously on Neatorama: Sarlacc Throw [...]

What Exactly Is a Sandwich?

It seems like a simple enough question, right? One even a very small child could answer. Unfortunately, there were no children on staff at Panera Bread in 2006, when the company sued Qdoba Mexican Grill for building a restaurant near one of theirs–a restaurant which happened to be protected by a “sandwich shop” location exclusivity contract. [...]

NASA confirms arsenic based life

“The definition of life has just expanded” – NASA has discovered an organism on Earth based on arsenic. The eagerly anticipated announcement was not a…

Replacing the Kilogram

The official standard for the kilogram is a cylinder of platinum and iridium made in 1879 and kept in a vault in France. Scientists have made official copies and distributed them since that time, but many of those copies don’t equal each other in mass, and the original is undergoing decay. So now researchers are [...]

NASA’s Mars rovers – true explorers ?

The true definition of an “explorer” has been called in to question by two astronomers suggesting that the Mars Rovers and the Hubble Space Telesc…

Op lets people upgrade their eyes to HD

A new artificial lens has been developed that can allow people to see in high definition. The operation to implant the new lens has been carried o…