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Britain’s MoD to ignore UFO reports

The Ministry of Defense has ruled that there is no evidence to suggest UFOs pose a threat to the country. Despite a senior aviation official stating t…

The Missing Links: Why You Shouldn’t Rob a Bank

Morganna’s Topheavy Legal Defense People of a certain age may recall the exploits of Morganna the Kissing Bandit, the buxom blond who became famous in the 1980s for rushing the field at Major League Baseball games and planting a big one on various players. I was reminded of her recently while reading The Underground Baseball Encyclopedia. What [...]

Hipster Glasses: A New Trend in Court

Defendants have been wearing suits and ties to appear like upright citizens to juries for a long time, but that may not be enough for some. These people need … hipster glasses! Assistant U.S. Attorney [...]

Military Experiments with Bat Wings

Batman would have been proud. In 1942, California’s state defense force experimented with bat-like wingsuits for soldiers. The ultimate goal, as explained by the magazine Mechanix Illustrated, was to create an airborne unit that could be deployed with them. Link -via io9

Movie Consulting from the Department of Defense

Organizations like the CIA and Department of Defense have been assisting with blockbusters like Transformers for years. However, there have been complaints from insiders over potential security privacy leaks, raised during talks over an untitled film about the killing of bin Laden. Whether they have reason to be concerned or not, spokespeople insist there is [...]

It’s A New Baby Boy/Girl!

Well, in their defense, they do look alike at that age! Via Arbroath

Bomb-detecting Plants

What if you could train plants for national security? A biologist at Colorado State University working with the Department of Defense is doing just that. Genetic engineering is making plants react to threats they never encountered in nature -for human benefit. Picture this at an airport, perhaps in as soon as four years: A terrorist rolls [...]

Laser cannons to fight off pirates

British engineers are developing laser cannons to defend against pirates trying to board ships. A new type of defense weapon is currently being develo…

US Air Force Builds Supercomputer with 1,760 PlayStation 3 Consoles

US Department of Defense engineers and Sony built the most powerful computer in the Department’s inventory by linking 1,760 PlayStation 3 gaming consoles: The supercomputer, nicknamed the Condor Cluster, will allow very fast analysis of large high-resolution imagery — billions of pixels a minute, taking what used to take several hours down to mere seconds, Barnell [...]

Pentagon seeks secret of flying snakes

The Defense Department has invested in research to figure out how flying snakes glide through the air. The unusual type of snake is able to leap from …