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Disturbingly Cool Mask Sculptures

Swedish artist Axel Torvenius sculptures are like fragments of a nightmare, masks which show faces in the midst of transformation and other dark works which explore bodily deconstruction and mortality. They’re hauntingly beautiful and should appeal to Halloweenies who also have love for fine art, check out the rest of Axel’s works at the link below. Link [...]

Paint Splatter Designs Of Superheroes

Creating iconic forms out of an otherwise splattery mess is obviously Arian Noveir’s forte. Superhero silhouettes are hinted at but never fully materialize, which lends them an air of mystery. Even though these works were created digitally, they have an outsider art edge to me, a feeling of deconstruction for the sake of naivety. And I [...]

4 Year Time-Lapse Video of Building Demolition and Contruction

(Video Link) This time-lapse video captured footage in Paris from January 2007 through September 2010. It shows the deconstruction of one building and the erection of another in its place. Videographer Ramon added pop-up graphics that reveal what’s going on as time progresses. via Gizmodo