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Archive: December 2010

Happy Holidays and New 2011 Year from DRB! Chocolate is addictive, and so is the spectacular imagery… The Platypus: Nature‚Äôs “Swiss Army Knife” This weird guy has webbed feet, lays eggs and sweats milk Amazing Automatons: Ancient Robots & Victorian Androids Industrious Little Clockwork Creatures! Megastructures: Bigger-Than-Worlds Super Colossal Planet & Astro Engineering Modern Wild Looking Tables Strange surfaces to keep your food [...]

Couple Separated by Weather Finally Reunited

John and Kay Ure live in a former lighthouse keeper’s cottage at the edge of a cliff on the coast of northern Scotland. On December 19th, Kay Ure left to go buy a Christmas turkey in Inverness. Before she could return, a snowstorm blocked the road and she had to stay in the village of [...]

Did Van Gogh Slash His Ear Because of the Letter in This Painting?

In December of 1888, Vincent Van Gogh cut off the lobe of his left ear with a razor. Many explanations have been offered for this bizarre behavior. Now a scholar claims to have found an explanation in the portrayal of a letter in Van Gogh’s Still Life: Drawing Board, Pipe, Onions and Sealing-Wax, painted the [...]

9 Obscure Holidays in December (Besides Christmas)

There are obscure holidays, and then there are really obscure holidays. I used to think Canadian Boxing Day and Three Kings’ Day were weird; in reality, there are so many holidays stuffed into our calendar that you could spend the whole year observing them and still miss a few. Here are a few of my [...]