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The end of the world hasn’t happened… yet

It’s December 21st and so far nothing has happened – but will the world end before the day is out ? For most it’s just an ordinary day, for others tod…

Joy to the World

(YouTube link) December is here- let the caroling begin! This song is from the Muppet Christmas Carol 20th Anniversary Collectors Edition album.

France bans access to doomsday ’safe zone’

Those travelling to Pic de Bugarach before December 21st will now be turned away by authorities. For many who believe that the world will end in about…

11 Offbeat December Holidays You Still Have Time to Celebrate

You don’t need us to remind you about the major December holidays. But you do need us to tell you that it’s Monkey Day. © ARNE DEDERT/epa/Corbis 1. December 14th: Monkey Day According to the official Monkey Day website, Monkey Day is an “annual celebration of all things simian, a festival of primates, a chance to scream like [...]

The Planning of Pearl Harbor

Photo: Bob Landry/TIME & LIFE Pictures On December 7, 1941, the Imperial Japanese Navy launched an incredibly daring, technically sophisticated combined naval-aerial surprise attack on the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor, just northwest of Honolulu on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. The devastating aerial attack carried out by Japanese fighters, dive-bombers and torpedo planes crippled [...]

Help Name This Octopus

This lovely Giant Pacific Octopus was just brought to the Smithsonian National Zoo after the previous octopus resident, Octavius, passed away. The Zoo’s newest cephalopod needs a name, so they’re asking kids 5-15 to help name the octopus. If you know any youngsters who’d like to submit a name, ask them to email their suggestion, along [...]

CERN prepares to announce LHC findings

Scientists are preparing to reveal their latest findings from the LHC in a seminar on December 13th. It isn’t clear exactly what will be announced, fu…

Mario Kart Made Real

Now that’s 3D! For the upcoming Mario Kart 7 video game, Nintendo teamed up with West Coast Customs to create a real-life, drivable karts: Two life-sized replicas of the Mario Kart cars driven by Nintendo icons Mario and Luigi, working [...]

Archive: February 2011

Weird Vintage Ads: Outrageous! Disclaimer: we have nothing to do with this. Cats Ready to Kill You The Bad and the Ugly (without the Good) Painted Trees in the Mountains of Colorado Psychedelic Dead Trees Revived Love & Romance! (Vintage and Funny Pics) Weirdness and glamour: opposites attract! Making Exotic Cars: Behind-the-Scenes Photos See how Maserati, Bentley, and other supercars are made The Coolest PC [...]

Archive: January 2011

The Biggest Ships in the World (DRB Series) From supertankers to Godzilla cranes 7 Billion: Discussing Overpopulation Interview with Robert Kunzig, National Geographic Ship Figureheads: Symbols of the Sea Ladies and monsters as “hood ornaments” for ships Grand Scale Environmental & Land Art “Man’s Reaction To His Earth”: creative landscape art Fantastically Intense Wiring Part 7 of our highly popular series Vintage New York Marvel [...]