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Saturday Night Live Presidential Debates

The first real debate of this presidential election year is coming up tomorrow. But the debates held over the years on SNL are a lot more fun! Can you recall who played the candidates in those comedy debates? Test yourself with today’s Lunchtime Quiz at mental_floss. I scored 50%, because I knew the really old [...]

7 Political Disagreements Settled With Fists and Hair-Pulling

Getty Images Anyone with even a fleeting relationship to political news these days has probably noticed that partisan bickering in the U.S. Congress has reached a bit of a crescendo of late. So we got to thinking: When do politicians just give up on the vitriolic rhetoric and throw a punch? The answer: more often than you’d [...]

How the Greatest Prankster in Political History Messed With Richard Nixon

© Bettmann/CORBIS by David Borgenicht and Turk Regan Democratic prankster Dick Tuck began tormenting Richard Nixon in California in 1950, after he became a mole in Nixon’s successful Senate campaign. When Nixon unsuccessfully sought the presidency 10 years later, his opponent, John F. Kennedy, hired Tuck to play practical jokes on Nixon. The day after the first [...]

Would You Want George Lucas to Keep Making Star Wars Movies?

It’s not such a simple question, considering the history of the movie franchise. Are bad Star Wars movies better than no Star Wars movies? All of these questions are very much tied together. We all want MORE Star Wars movies, I think that’s not really up for debate for fans. But we want them to be [...]

Norway’s Famous Albino Moose Shot Dead

Remember the albino moose that wandered the forest of Østfold, Norway? You know, the one whom the Norwegian hunters debate whether to shoot? Well, that debate is moot thanks to a Danish hunter, who had [...]

Introducing the Average Font

Let the internet font wars be over. Let us no longer debate the merits of Arial or Tahoma or (gasp!) Comic Sans. Designer Moritz Resl has freed us all up to settle other longstanding debates by creating the Average font – an amalgam of each the hundreds of different fonts found on his computer: This project [...]

Beethoven’s Love Letters

This letter to an unnamed “Immortal Beloved” was found in the personal papers of Ludwig van Beethoven after his death in 1827. Though there’s debate over whom the letters were written to, there’s not much debate about whether or not Beethoven had it bad for the woman. A snippet: My bosom is full, to tell you [...]

Dino drawing or mud stain: proof of creation?

A controversial cave drawing has spurred debate on whether or not it constitutes proof of creationism. The drawing which is thought to be thousands of…

Mystery timber spotted on top of iceberg

Debate has been sparked over the nature of a plank of wood spotted on an iceberg at the South Pole. Spotted by wildlife watchers south of Commonwealth…

Scientists: man-made climate change is real

Over 97 percent of scientists are convinced that man-made global warming is very real indeed. The debate over whether human activities are contributin…