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Big Deal Playing Card Notepad

Big Deal Playing Card Notepad – $7.95 Are you worried that your important notes are getting lost in the shuffle. Stop playing the hand you are dealt and get the Big Deal Playing Card Notepad from the NeatoShop. This great palm-sized notepad is stylized to look like a deck playing cards.  Be sure to check out the [...]

Volume Discount

What a deal (and I love the tag line "End the misery today!") – via Criggo  

Recite a Bible Verse and Get 50% Off Your Car’s Oil Change: Righteous Bargain or Religious Discrimination?

Would you like to get 50% off your car’s oil change? All you have to do at the Kwik Kar Lube & Service in Plano, Texas, is recite a Bible verse. Store owner Charlie Whittington is standing by what he asking customers [...]

What an Unbelievable Deal!

If you don’t gobble this deal fast, you’re a birdbrain! Found at Criggo, where you can find lots more newspaper gems.

4 “Facts” That Have Changed Since You Were In School

First they blew your mind when they told you Pluto isn’t actually a planet, then they told you that not only is Atlantis real, it’s been sitting in the bottom of some mudflats in Spain for a few thousand years. It seems history and science keep changing right in front of our eyes and pretty [...]

The Moon Is Wetter than Expected

Our ideas about the Moon — what it’s made of and how it got there, and even how we can use its energy — have changed rapidly over the last half-century. You know, since we started sending people there. The newest confirmed findings from lunar rocks reveals that our nearest neighbor is wetter then we [...]

Down the Hatch and Straight Into Medical History

Dr. Chevalier Jackson was a laryngologist who spent a good deal of his career retrieving objects that his patients swallowed or inhaled. And he kept them all. He retired with a collection of over 2,000 bizarre items that had once been inside his patients. Jackson retrieved these objects from people’s upper torsos, generally with little or [...]