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The Meanest Towns in the West

The following is an article from the book History’s Lists from Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader. From the archives of the Old West, we’ve culled a list of the most notorious places on the frontier. Here’s our countdown of the baddest of the bad, meanest of the mean, Wild West towns. Some historians say that the Wild West [...]

Old West Photographs

Photographer John C.H. Grabill took pictures of the American West between 1887 and 1892, and sent 188 of those photographs to the Library of Congress for copyright protection. Those photographs are now in the public domain, and give us a good look at the people and places of the frontier. The Denver Post published a [...]

Miniature Versions of TV Shows

The Belgian television channel Prime commissioned miniature sets for major American shows, including Mad Men, Lost, Deadwood, and Six Feet Under. It’s simple, but quite visually effective. Warning: the video at the link compiling them is NSFW. Link (Google Translate) via NotCot