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Deadpool and Boba Fett Do Christmas

(YouTube link) Even geek icons celebrate Christmas! Here’s your sincere greeting from Boba Fett and Deadpool, shown spreading cheer through the streets of London. -Thanks, Nick Acott!

Splattered Superheroes

Melissa Smith makes amazing portraits of superheroes and supervillains with splattered paint. I think that Deadpool would be pleased that his image looks like sprays of blood. You can view others at the link, including Spider-Man, the Hulk and Harley Quinn. Link -via The Mary Sue

Deadpool Fan Film Is Dead Funny

(YouTube Link) Marvel’s wise cracking, super powered assassin gets his day in the sun in this Deadpool fan film called Deadpool: A Typical Tuesday by Bean Dip Productions. This hilarious fan film sets the bar pretty high for any Hollywood Deadpool that may (but probably won’t) come out sometime before I die, and shows why Deadpool would [...]

Victorian Lady Deadpool

This Wanda Wilson (Lady Deadpool) was spotted at TeslaCon 2011. Alternatively, this is a (male) Deadpool crossplay, set in the 19th Century. Like all things Deadpool, conversations get awkward quickly. Link -via Fashionably Geek

Superhero Alignment Spectrum Chart

Have you ever wondered what hero (or villain) you have the most in common with, based on the moral choices you make in your life? Then this alignment chart should clear some things up, or show you that your fate lies in the realm of supervillainy. Based on the nine basic alignments found in Dungeons and [...]

“Deadpool” is Patrolling Small City in Washington State

Let’s say you really love comic books and you want to dress up as your favorite character to go out and help people. Normally people like choose a superhero to emulate. One man in Washington didn’t let the fact that his favorite character was a villain stop him from doing some good. Wenatchee’s Deadpool said he [...]