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Stopping the Dead

The National Post has a graphic depiction of the zombie kills from all 27 episodes of 2.5 seasons of the TV show The Walking Dead. It’s separated into four parts; the skull here is made of the first section, zombies killed by season (the yellow ones are main characters). You can also see a breakdown [...]

25 Things You Might Not Know About The Evil Dead

(YouTube Link) Sam Raimi’s seminal horror flick The Evil Dead launched the career of an actor by the name of Bruce Campbell, brought a twisted sense of humor to horror flicks and led the way for the catchphrase treasure troves Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness. If you’ve seen the flick a hundred times you may [...]

How To Draw A Cartoon Zombie

The new season of The Walking Dead starts this coming Sunday, and Halloween is creeping up on us, too! Time to make your mark by leaving little cartoon zombies on your notes, correspondence, and desk blotter. Mark Anderson of Andertoons makes it easy for you with a tutorial on drawing a cartoon zombie. He’s kinda [...]

Zombie makes US presidential bid

In a publicity stunt for ‘The Walking Dead’, a zombie is attempting to become the next US president. Mr A. Zombie and his wife Patty Morgan-Zombie arr…

Animated Short – What Is Dead May Never Die

(Vimeo Link) What Is Dead May Never Die is a techno trip in the way back machine, with oodles of retro charm and an electro-pop soundtrack to match. Created by experimental animator Kadavre Exquis, this is an homage to the warm glow of old computer screens tempered with bits of video footage and lovely cascading pixels. –via JazJaz

10 Good Reasons Not to Bring Someone Back From the Dead

Yes, we might not yet have the technology to bring people back from the dead, but even if we did, it still is probably something we won’t want to do. If you need a few reasons to leave the dead the way they are, then this io9 article should help remind you why it’s such [...]

Dead Dinner Guest Disguises

Dead Dinner Guest Disguises – $9.95 Are you looking for a way liven up to your next soiree? You need the Dead Dinner Guest Disguises from the NeatoShop. This great set includes 8 paper masks and 8 ghastly props that your friends will be dying to play with. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more [...]

Day Of The Dead Corkscrew

Day Of The Dead Corkscrew – $22.95 Are you looking for an unusual wine bottle opener for your favorite wine enthusiast? You need the Day Of The Dead Corkscrew from the NeatoShop. This fantastic corkscrew was designed by Stephanie Suarez and Arial Rojo as part of the “Mexico Design Challenge” initiative to disciver and develop Mexican [...]

The Walking Dead Are Coming To Comic Con 2012

Creator of the Walking Dead comic book Robert Kirkman plans to unleash hordes of zombies on San Diego during Comic Con 2012. In fact, there will be so many zombies that he plans on renting a nearby stadium in order to house them all, and those willing to pay for a bone chilling experience with the [...]

All My Friends Are Still Dead

All My Friends Are Still Dead, the new illustrated book (no, not a children’s book) by Avery Monsen and Jory John is the sequel to their very successful book All My Friends Are Dead. Link -via Laughing Squid