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The Missing Links: Life at the Fair

LIFE at the Fair Check out these shots from their photo gallery of shots taken at a 1930s fair, a collection that includes this baffling shot of chimps in little cars. * Will Ferrell. In Sweden. Drinking Old Milwaukee. Makes perfect sense, right? * You Just Never Know: Do We Actually Live In A Giant Computer Simulation? You wouldn’t [...]

Lake Pepto-Bismol

Those two dots are actually boats on Lake Retba in Senegal. The pink water, which made it look like the boats are floating on a Pepto-Bismol lake, got its color from the extremely high [...]

Geologists Found Evidence of the Crucifixion of Jesus Earthquake

The Crucifixion, Currier & Ives/LOC According to the Gospel of Matthew, the earth shook during the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ: “And when Jesus had cried out again in a loud voice, he gave [...]

Dead Sea Salt Formations

The Dead Sea is more than eight times saltier than ocean water, and there is less water in it every year -and that means it’s getting even saltier. The salt formations seen from the air is quite surreal. See more pictures in a collection at Boing Boing. Link (Image credit: Baz Ratner/Reuters)

Mystery of Dead Sea Scrolls solved ?

New research has revealed clues as to who wrote the famous scrolls discovered near the Dead Sea. Discovered in 1947, the exact origins of the scrolls …

Dead Sea Scrolls go online

Parts of the world famous Dead Sea Scrolls have been placed online for the first time by Google. The scrolls were written over 2,000 years ago but wer…

(Some) Dead Sea Scrolls Available Online

It was bound to happen: you can now access the Dead Sea Scrolls online. Well, some of them. The scrolls as a collection include over 900 texts, many of them fragmentary, so what we’ve got here is a starting point. In a collaboration between the Israel Museum and Google, five of [...]

Rare metal books could hold Jesus secrets

A set of 70 books found in Jordan are being hailed as a find more important than the Dead Sea Scrolls. They were discovered somewhere between 2005 and…

Dead Sea Scrolls to be published online

The Dead Sea Scrolls are to be digitized and placed online for anyone to read. One of the most important archeological finds of the modern era the Dea…

Extremophiles: Life on the Edge

The possibility of life on Mars and other planets and moons has been debated for as long as we have known about those planets. Now that water has been found on the Mars, that possibility is more believable than ever. Sure, conditions are fierce on Mars, but research here on planet Earth reveals that life [...]