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Fantastic Crochet Taxidermy Animals

If you like taxidermy artwork, but hate the idea of real dead animals being used for their creation, then you’ll love the wonderful crochet taxidermy animals of artist Shauna Richardson. Of course, if your favorite aspect of taxidermy is the dead animals, then you probably won’t be a fan. Link Via Craftzine

Ojai Valley Taxidermy

(YouTube link) It takes something special to make local TV ads stand out, and Ojai Valley Taxidermy has accomplished that. Chuck Testa doesn’t mince words -he specializes in making dead animals appear lifelike. Even when they’re in bed with you. If you have the stomach for taxidermy work, you can also check out Chuck’s Tuesday Tips [...]

Andrew Lancaster’s Freakish Works of Taxidermy

Taxidermist Andrew Lancaster says “Some people call me sick and some think it’s pretty good.” The New Zealand resident collects small dead animals, preserves them, and uses their body parts to form imaginary creatures. So just in case you were worried: the above animal doesn’t actually exist. News Story and Facebook Page -via Dave Barry [...]

Taxidermy Fashion Accessories

Artist Reid Peppard makes fashion accessories out of dead animals. Imagine cufflinks made from little mouse heads, a coin purse that was once a rat, or headbands with real wings. Shown is a hair comb made from a guinea pig. Link -via Digg