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While Waiting for Medic, Let’s Rob the Bank!

Robert Strank, 39, passed out as he walked up to the counter of the Huntington Bank in Beavercreek, Ohio, so he asked the teller to call 911. While waiting for the medic, the man decided to rob the bank. Guessed [...]

The Defense Rests (in Peace): How a Civil War Rabble-Rouser Went Out With a Bang

Clement Laird Vallandigham was never a household name, but during the era of the Civil War, he led an interesting and amazing life that ended abruptly and bizarrely. Over the course of his career, Vallandigham edited the Dayton Empire, practiced law, served as a brigadier general in the Ohio militia, and was elected to the U.S. [...]

Man Tried to Rob a Store with a Bullet

"Guns don’t kill people, bullets do" or so the saying goes, but 59-year-old Verlin Q. Alsept was a bit unclear of the concept that you still need that gun: Rather the fellow who entered a [...]

Online Retailers and the Drunk Customer Market

A lot of good, horrifying stories begin with “I was drunk, so I got on the Internet…” and go downhill from there. Some people even shop online while sloshed: “I have my account linked to my phone, so it’s really easy,” said Tiffany Whitten, of Dayton, Ohio, whose most recent tipsy purchase made on her smartphone [...]

The Origins of 11 Big Box Stores

Saturday may be for small businesses, but Black Friday is all about the big box stores. Here’s a look at the origins of 11 big stores that are probably promising big savings (and long lines) this weekend. 1. Best Buy © Best Buy/St. Paul Business Journal, Michael Maloney/San Francisco Chronicle/Corbis Richard Schulze opened his first Sound of Music [...]

The 6 Most Terrible Publicity Stunts Ever

I’m sure you guys all are familiar with the Scope’s Monkey Trial, but did you know that the whole thing was actually just an overblown publicity stunt to help attract travelers to visit the town of Dayton, Tennessee? Learn more about the trial as well as other irresponsible publicity stunts in this great Cracked article. Link

What Happened to the NIT?

Tonight at Madison Square Garden, Alabama will take on Wichita State for the National Invitation Tournament title. You might not realize it today, but the NIT wasn’t always an afterthought. Let’s take a look at how the New York tourney was eclipsed by the NCAA. Few collections of letters arouse mixed emotions in college hoops fans [...]

Dayton Webber Limbless Warrior

Dayton Webber The Limbless Wrestling WarriorHere’s the scouting report on 11-year-old Dayton Webber: No arms. No legs. Huge heart.Whether he’s wrestling, playing football, go-karting or ice skating, Dayton doesn’t just participate — he competes.”I just like to do sports,” Dayton said. “I feel like I can play sports and kind of show people what I [...]

Another 10 Curious Everyday Inventions

Nearly two years ago we wrote a list of everyday inventions. The list was relatively popular for its time and debunked at least one myth about the invention of peanut butter. This list is the second installment and looks at ten more items that we all come into contact with in our daily lives. These [...]