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Last Week’s Most Popular Stories and an Enjoyable Wikipedia Screenshot

In case you weren’t obsessively refreshing all week, here’s what you missed: 1. 119 Amazing Facts for National Trivia Day, by Jason English * 2. Why Do Dogs Walk in a Circle Before Lying Down?, by Matt Soniak * 3. 25 One-Word Answers to Very Important Questions, by Ethan Trex * 4. How Do Magic Eye Pictures Work?, by Matt Soniak * 5. [...]

Introducing BitLit: Our New Literary Sub-Blog

We’re thrilled to announce a new sub-blog we’re launching today, BitLit. Bit, as in binary digits, Lit, as in literature! As far as we know, this is unique to the blogosphere in that we’ll be serializing entire novels and short stories—even some poetry, many published by major publishers like Random House. Every day, a new [...]

Our Most Popular Stories Since September 14th

Since my daughter Katherine was born on September 14th, I haven’t been obsessively refreshing, and we haven’t been posting The Week’s Most Popular Stories. But now that paternity leave is behind me, here’s what I missed: 1. 10 Ways to Game Up Your Home, by Miss Cellania * 2. The Surprising Voices Behind Cartoon Characters, by Ethan [...]

January’s 10 Most Popular Quizzes

1. The Cable Connector Quiz by David K. Israel * 2. Lifetime Movie or Megadeth Song? by Craig Dorfman * 3. Trading Places, Coming to America or Beverly Hills Cop? by Brett Savage * 4. World Leader or NFL Placekicker? by Jason English * 5. Longsnapper or VP Candidate? by Jason English * 6. Mac or PC? by David K. Israel * 7. The Brady Bunch Theme Quiz by Sandy Wood & Kara Kovalchik * 8. [...]

Our Top 5 Stories of 2009

We’ve been counting down the year’s most-read stories. First we rattled off #20 to #14. Then came #13 to #6. At long last, here are the five most popular stories of 2009. 5. Why Does Bottled Water Have an Expiration Date? by Matt Soniak Why do bottles of water have a “drink by” date when common sense [...]

Month in Review: November’s Most Popular Stories

Before we slip too far into December, let’s recap what happened last month. In case you missed a day or two here or there, these are the top 10 stories originally posted in November: 1. The Late Movies: Dogs Welcoming Returning Soldiers by Jason English To commemorate Veterans Day, I posted a bunch of videos featuring overjoyed dogs [...]

Month in Review: October’s Most Popular Stories

Another month is in the books. In case you missed a day or two here or there, these are the top 12 stories originally posted in October: 1. The Origins of All 30 NBA Team Names by Scott Allen Why is a team in Los Angeles named the Lakers, and what’s a team called the Jazz doing [...]

Month in Review: September’s Most Popular Stories

If you’re keeping score at home, September was the second-best month we’ve ever had. (The halcyon days of August ‘09 will be tough to top.) Thanks to everyone who has made mental_floss part of your routine, especially the folks who’ve been here for years and have aggressively spread the word about our site and magazine. [...]

The Week’s Most Popular Stories

In case you weren’t obsessively refreshing all week, here’s what you missed: 1. Unsettling Old Photos of the “Living” Dead, by Ransom Riggs * 2. 13 Bizarre Stipulations in Wills, by Ethan Trex * 3. 11 Famous Illeists, by Scott Allen * 4. MF: Nine Women Who Inspired Beatles Songs (and one song not inspired by a woman), by Stacy Conradt * 5. [...]

The Lesser-Known Namesakes of 4 Selective Schools

You know the schools, but do you know the names behind them? 1. William Marsh Rice (Rice University, Houston, Tex.) Wealthy Houston merchant and investor William Marsh Rice planned to leave most of his fortune to the development of a new university. But in 1900, he suffered a demise of the untimely variety when he wound up [...]