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Twaggies on TV

(YouTube link) Some of you may not know that Neatorama’s social media guru David Israel is the man behind Twaggies, the site that makes funny Tweets into funny comics. Twaggies’ popularity among Hollywood celebrities was noticed and led to the site being featured on the NBC show Extra. If you missed it, take a look! Link

Largest boulder ever transported in modern times arrives in LA

As previously reported on this blog, Los Angeles has recently entered the Guinness Book for largest boulder ever transported in modern times. A 340-ton, 21 1/2-foot-high granite boulder recently travelled to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art at night, on closed roads at less than 10 mph, led by a police escort. The approximately 85-mile [...]

The Google Doodle Quiz

How well do you remember -or decipher- the alterations that Google makes to their logo for special occasions? Test your knowledge with the Google Doodle quiz, from our own social networking expert David Israel. Hey, I scored 58% just by guessing. You will probably do much better! Link

The Late Movies: Kinetic Typography

Kinetic Typography (“moving text”) has been around for at least half a century — movie title sequences often feature some form of moving text, and there are tons of famous examples. The Stars Wars opening crawl is one of the most famous bits of kinetic typography ever. (And if you want to go back a [...]

Jewish Christmas Traditions

Winter holidays tend to be bigger, brighter, and louder than celebrations during the rest of the year because it’s cold and dark, nothing is growing outside, and we need something to cheer us up. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, New Years Eve all tend to feature lights and colors and social gatherings fattening preserved foods -the [...]

Odds/Ends: Alyssa Milano + Clean Water + Split Decision

This may sound made up, but Alyssa Milano has been one of our biggest supporters over the years. She’s introduced thousands of people to mental_floss; “through a link tweeted by Alyssa Milano” finished surprisingly high on a recent survey of how people first found us. For her 38th birthday, she’s trying to raise money for [...]

Doodling in Math Class

(YouTube link) Vi Hart calls herself a “recreational mathemusician”, which sounds like fun! In this video, she teaches more about math than she missed by doodling during class. See more of this sort of thing at her website. Link -Thanks, David Israel!

Matt Busch Interview: Star Wars Zombie Posters and More

The following is an Neatorama-exclusive interview with Matt Busch, the “Rock Star of Illustration” (a tagline given to him by Real Detroit Weekly), who’s famous for his Star Wars drawings, and more recently, the Zombie posters series. I met Matt at the 2010 Comic Con in San Diego and was immediately impressed by his art [...]

Namco Arcade Game Quiz

“Pac-man’s skeleton” by Le Gentil Garçon, in collaboration with François Escuilié, palaeontologist David Israel’s latest BoingBoing quiz: something that should tax even the hardest-core retrogamers. The subject: musical scores from arcade and video games by Namco, one of the golden-age greats from Japan. Click to play: </p> <p>

Take Home a Twaggie

You probably know by now that Twaggies are Tweets that are so funny they’ve been turned into comics. Founder David Israel and artist Kiersten Essenpreis are trying to ensure the future of Twaggies with a project on Kickstarter. Make a pledge and get a gift, from a link to your site ($5) to a t-shirt [...]