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Beautiful, Fragile Nudibranchs Can Kill You

If you’re hungry while on the ocean floor, don’t chow down on these fellows, no matter how tasty they look. The Chromodoris annae, like many nudibranchs, is soft, colorful and poisonous. Wildlife photographer David Doubilet took photos of many different species. You can view more pictures at the link. Link -via It’s Okay to Be Smart | [...]

8 Strange Sea Creatures

With new species being discovered all the time, there seems to be no end to the strange wonders of the seas. 1. Leafy Sea Dragon Leafy sea dragons are in the same family as sea horses, but have awesome camouflage appendages that make them indistinguishable from the surrounding plants in the wild. Its only outwardly moving part [...]

Complex Numbers: Best Explanation

LinkScroll down for today’s pictures & links. Complex Numbers: Best Explanation What’s the difference between the real and the imaginary? Link Here is another video done in the same style… hilarious! Today’s pictures & links: “This Easter Bunny donated his body to science”? Suddenly, a new twist on knitting and bunnies. See more here, and at CraftyHedgehog. (image credit CraftyHedgehog) ———— Warped Bridges (Postcards [...]

Electric Lips

LinkScroll down for today’s pictures & links. Electric Lips The Flame Scallop, Ctenoides ales, sports some “electricity” in its bioluminescent mantle. Interestingly, it’s not a scallop, but a marine bivalve mollusc with red and white tentacles. It also has something like a thick long tongue, which helps it to climb rocks – more info. Link Today’s pictures & links: Afghan [...]