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The Best and Worst Political Campaign Songs (But Mostly the Worst)

With the campaign for the Republican nomination in full swing, candidates are beginning to rally their bases, retool their talking points and (cue the intro music, please!) select their campaign songs—those upbeat little ditties that play at rallies, speeches and pretty much whenever a candidate walks on stage. The Art of Choosing the Right Campaign [...]

The Immigrant Paradox

NY Times columnist David Brooks asks: Are new immigrants wrecking the social fabric of the United States? Or is it the other way around? Is America corrupting them instead? Back in 2010, researchers from Brown University have noticed that first generation immigrant children generally outperform second and third generation immigrant children, despite having the largest linguistic [...]

NY Times Columnist: Tiger Mother Coddles Her Kids

Remember our post on Amy Chua, the so-called Tiger Mother who asserted that her extreme “Chinese”-style of parenting produces superior children? Chua didn’t let her own girls go out on play dates or sleepovers. She didn’t let them watch TV or play video games or take part in garbage activities like crafts. Once, one of her [...]