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Where Are These 12 Boy Bands Now?

Groups like One Direction, The Wanted, and Big Time Rush are keeping the legacy of boy bands alive, but lest we forget the previous generation of singing boys who captured our hearts. Here’s a look at what the boy bands of yesteryear are up to these days. (In keeping with this spirit, this piece was [...]

In space, no one can hear you scream

The title of my post today comes from the Alien movie poster—it’s the film’s tagline, if you recall. Of course, we all know how many sci-fi series have messed this little fact up by adding explosions and such to satisfy our selfish need for action, no matter how inauthentic. But there are some great examples [...]

Farmer Grows 3 Million Pumpkins

A British farm has harvested Europe’s largest crop of pumpkins in time for Halloween despite our changeable summer weather.The three million pumpkins growing at David Bowman Ltd farm in Spalding, Lincs., have been baked by heatwaves and battered by torrential rain.But they have reached their autumnal orange ripeness the perfect time and 100 staff are [...]