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Robocop Statue for Detroit

After mayor Dave Bing nixed the idea of a Robocop statue in Detroit, interest in the potential project grew immediately. A website was launched. A Facebook group sprang up, and a Kickstarter project welcomed donations. The Imagination Station in Detroit offered a place on its property at Roosevelt Park to put the statue. And now, [...]

Statues from Movies and TV

Detroit mayor Dave Bing reached out to citizens of the internet for suggestions for how to invigorate his city. One of the suggestions that came in yesterday was that Detroit should erect a statue of Robocop, from the 1987 film Robocop, which was set in Detroit. The mayor seemed to dismiss the idea out of [...]

No Robocop Statue for Detroit

The Mayor of Detroit has been crowd-sourcing ideas to reinvigorate the Motor City – and he actually received a pretty cool suggestion, no doubt inspired at least in part by Philadelphia’s statue of their hometown movie hero Rocky. Sadly, the short-sighted Bing politely declined the idea, which was overflowing with win. Detroit Mayor Dave Bing, who has [...]