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Dashboard Monster

Dashboard Monster | $7.95 This silly/scary monster can sit on your car’s dashboard or your desk and remind you not to take everything so seriously! Surely you know someone who needs that reminder. It will wiggle and dance with the motion of your vehicle. Get yours at the NeatoShop! Or you can look through the selection [...]

The Russian Dashcam Supercut

(YouTube link) Many Russian drivers use a constantly-recording dashboard camera for legal defense in case of trouble, which leads to some awesome clips for the internet audience. -via Buzzfeed

Car Dashboards as Works of Art

“QUANTUM SHOT” #774 Link – article by Avi Abrams This article appears simultaneously on Dark Roasted Blend and on “Out of Order” magazine – a Yale University print and online publication that curates innovative and bold fashion, art, music and film for the university set Visual Caffeine: Exploring Art and Architecture [...]

UFOs filmed over Scotland

A Scottish Mountain Rescue team filmed two strange lights zooming through thick fog in Scotland. A video camera mounted to their vehicle’s dashboard p…

Stormtrooper Talking Dashboard Driver

Stormtrooper Talking Dashboard Driver – $9.95 Don’t let bad drivers get you down. Get the Stormtrooper Talking Dashboard Driver from the NeatoShop. He will tell all those people to, “Move along.” The Stormtrooper Talking Dashboard Driver also makes a perfect desk accessory. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more Star Wars fun!

Darth Vader Talking Dashboard Driver

Darth Vader Talking Dashboard Driver – $9.95 Do you have trouble coming up with things to say when someone cuts you off? Do you wish you could be cool like Darth Vader? The Darth Vader Talking Dashboard Driver from the NeatoShop is for you! Sit back and let Darth do all the talking (or heavy breathing). [...]

The Streamlined Car of the Future

(YouTube link) “If you’re looking for a 1960 model, this may well be it.” Those were big words back in 1948, when this short documentary was produced by Popular Mechanics. Which will it be: a three-wheeled golf cart that resembles a flying saucer, an airstream camper on wheels, or a souped-up model T with the dashboard [...]