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Beer Helmets Fit For Middle Earth

Beer helmets are usually so darn tacky, but with this great Gimli-inspired beer helmet, you can drink like a real dwarf in style. Best of all, you can actually create your own thanks to Instructables. Link Via io9

Harry Potter Throw Pillows

Harry, Hermoine and Ron all look so darn cute in their little pillow forms. Of course, I’d feel like my couch was a little unbalanced unless I had matching Slytherin pillows. Fortunately though, Etsy seller PantoufledeVerre makes plenty of them as well. Link Via Geek Crafts

A Pizza Burrito Wha-Wha-What?

Can’t decide between your two favorite drunk foods and you’re too darn jacked up to make a decision? Then why not get the best of both worlds and enjoy a pizzarito? In case you’re wondering, it contains Italian-style tomato-filled rice, mozarella and the meats or veggies of the chef’s choosing. Link

The Best Spy Shoes Since Get Smart

I could never walk in these darn things but heck, I’d be a terrible spy too. For those that do walk just fine in heels and are sick of carrying purses or hiding cyanide capsules in their bras, these Double Agent Shoes are just the ticket for hiding all your secret cargo. Link Via Laughing Squid

The Cutest Pie Chart Ever

Mathematical visualizations have never looked so darn cuddly before. Want to bring this little cutie pie home? You can, just head over to ButterflyLove1′s Etsy shop. Link Via Laughing Squid

10 Awesome Video Game Bathrooms

If you truly live for The Horde, then you darn well ought to dedicate everything to your faction -even your toilet time. For more delightful game-inspired bathrooms, don’t miss this great Mental Floss article. Link

No Big Deal, I’m Just Swimming With a Polar Bear

(Video Link) You have to be pretty darn brave to get this up close and personal with one of the biggest predators around. That being said, it’s pretty adorable and I’m totally jealous. Would you dare to swim with this cuddly beast? Via I Can Has Cheezburger

Keep Warm With The Death Star Fire Pit

Yes, it’s a fake picture, but darn it…we definitely need to make this real. Maybe if enough blogs cover this awesome picture, Think Geek will step up and add it to their already impressive collection of Star Wars goods. Or maybe Alex can make it real and add it into the Neatoshop. Link Via Geekologie

10 Hilarious Pictures of Animals in Clothing

Sure cats and dogs in costumes are pretty darn funny, but horses and geese? Now that’s just plain “redonkeyless.” That’s why this Oddee article is just so darn fun. Link

Kitty Versus Humidifier

(Video Link) “If I just keep at it, surely I can best this darn smoke monster.” I don’t know that your efforts will pay off, but I certainly am impressed by your determination. Via I Can Has Cheezburger