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How to Draw Batman

If you’re excited about the opening of the film The Dark Knight Rises this weekend, you have Bat Fever. One way to relieve the tension is to draw little Batman figures on all your correspondence, notepads, to-do lists, and your calendar, too. Mark Anderson of Andertoons has another simple tutorial for you, so you can [...]

Comedy Video – Unlikely Dark Knight Quotes

(YouTube Link) This collection of unlikely Batman quotes are brought to you by Chicago’s own Octavarius, a group of folks known for bringing the funny. You’re unlikely to hear Batman say any of these lines in the new Dark Knight movie, so you’ll just have to imagine how much better the film would be if he talked [...]

Breaking Batman

(YouTube link) Looks like the Dark Knight is dabbling in some illegal chemistry! This mashup of Breaking Bad and the many Batman movies works disturbingly well. Oh, and if you haven’t kept up with the series so far, this contains some Breaking Bad spoilers. -via The Daily What Geek

Batman-Themed Child’s Birthday Party Is Too Dark

(Video Link) A Batman birthday party? That’s a great idea! Little Ronnie loves Batman. Hire an actor to dress as Batman and entertain the kids. But as this sketch from the Cleveland City Chuckle Squad shows, be specific about which Batman you want. The Brave and the Bold is a more age-appropriate choice than The Dark [...]

Trailer Cats Takes On The Dark Knight Rises

(YouTube Link) A furry Alfred, Bane purring away as he stalks his prey, man there is something adorably hilarious about replacing the cast of the Dark Knight Rises with kittehs! And we all know that kittehs have taken the interwebs by storm, so why should Hollywood be any different? –via ComicsAlliance

This Is One Creepy Little Joker Doll

Who would have thought that the deranged version of the Joker from the Dark Knight films would make a great getup for a little boy doll? Apparently someone from WorldBox, an Asian toy manufacturer who also thought it would be endearing to label the ads “Take Happiness Home”. More like “Your Kid Will Never Sleep [...]

The Rainbow Knight and Other My Little Pony Mashups

(Video Link) YouTube user BronyVids has been busy mashing up scenes from the web TV series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic with thrilling action films, such as The Dark Knight. At the link, you can view similar videos using Inception and 300 as source audio. Link

Say What, Batman?

So. What did Robin do that got him a scolding by the Dark Knight? Let’s have a little fun this weekend. Funniest answer (sly wit is appreciated, but keep it clean, OK?) wins you a T-shirt of your choice from the NeatoShop. (May we suggest looking at the Funny T-Shirts and Science T-Shirts sections?) Write your [...]

Shooting People: Daily Dose of Imagery

Photo: Sam Javanrouh Sam Javanrouh’s blog, Daily Dose of Imagery, features his photography, one image per day. Today he posted many great photos he’s taken which all fall under one tricky umbrella of shooting – people on the street. People can be unpredictable when it comes to being photographed; Sam tells of friends who have had [...]

Dark Knight Plot Hole Rap

(YouTube Link) As one of millions of people who like the new Batman franchise, and can’t wait for Christopher Nolan to make part III, I must admit this song makes some valid criticisms regarding The Dark Knight. (via io9).