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Batman Bookshelves

Fahmi Sami’s bookshelves are perfect for your own Batcave library. They’re modeled on the logo from The Dark Knight trilogy. He also produces another set that juxtaposes this logo with a 1960s version. Link -via Technabob

Photos of Film Stills at Their Real-Life Locations

Christopher Moloney’s FILMography overlays movies and reality, like this scene from The Dark Knight Rises shot at Federal Hall in New York City. Moloney matches the perspective perfectly. His other movie stills include The French Connection, The Muppets Take Manhattan, The Quiet American and Tomb Raider. Link -via Flavorwire

The Batcave Movie Theater

This is the best place to watch all the old Batman movies while you wait for the Dark Knight Rises to to come out on DVD. The best thing is that it actually looks like something Bruce Wayne would have. Link Via i09

What Bane’s Life Is Like After The Dark Knight

(Funny Or Die Link) Oh how the mighty have fallen! It appears that Bane has been forced to take a dead end job as a telemarketer since being defeated by the Dark Knight, because even Bane’s gotta pay the bills somehow… Watch as he makes his way through an ordinary world, and try your best to understand what [...]

A Dark Knight BatPod Made Out Of Scrap Metal Parts

An industrious biker/Dark Knight fan built this sweet looking, and fully functional, BatPod motorcycle out of scrap metal and spare parts, so now he gets to ride around his town in Vietnam looking like a boss. All together this badass Batman bike cost creator Tung Lam a mere $480 bucks to build! I guess you don’t [...]

The Dark Knight Returns…To The Bathroom!

This custom Batman toilet paper holder was made by a tongue-in-cheeky sort of fellow named conrick, and it’s all sorts of wrong! Hasn’t old Batsy been put through enough trials and tribulations lately, now he’s gotta stand around looking embarrassed while you do your business?! This thing is so wacky, if a friend had one in their [...]

The Dark Knight Scratches

When Geeks Wed usually focuses on wedding topics, but every now and then, they have generally awesome geek fashions like these sweet Dark Knight nails. There are even more cool Batman nail designs over at the link. Link

Celebrate The Dark Knight With A Joker Pizza

There’s no better pre-meal munchie than pizza and there’s no better pizza to eat before a Dark Knight Rises screening than a Joker pizza. Link Via That’s Nerdalicious

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Recut Using Footage From Batman: The Animated Series

(Video Link) To promote its upcoming Batman: The Animated Series marathon, The Hub recreated the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises using just footage from the cartoon. I’m amazed that they were able to match the dialogue. Do you think they added a few lines with the help of the cartoon’s voice actors? -via Kotaku

This is How You Paint a 150 Foot Tall Batman

A 150-foot-tall image of the movie poster for The Dark Knight Rises was painted on the side of the building at 315 Park Avenue South in New York. Irene Gallo watched as it was painted, by hand, one section at a time. Dan Cohen of Art FX Murals explained the process as it was done. [...]