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New World Record Skydive

(YouTube link) The skies over Ottawa, Illinois saw 138 skydivers set a new world record this past weekend as they linked up in a snowflake formation. Months of planning and 15 attempts resulted in the stunt you can see in this video. The previous record for an aerial formation like this was 108 skydivers. These daredevils, [...]

Extreme Jacuzzing

Are you serious about using your jacuzzi? Are you ready to take it to the max, or do you just use it to relax? If the latter, then you’re definitely not ready to participate in the sport of extreme jacuzzing, which involves sitting in a jacuzzi in the most extreme environments. In the past, this [...]

Swinging Across a Canyon

(Video Link) These daredevils in Moab, Utah, are swinging across a canyon using what they call a “swingline”. John at Super Punch says that it “makes bungee jumping look sane”, which is a pretty good description. The scene at 2:00 is particularly spectacular. via Super Punch