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Upside Down & Other Weird Houses

“QUANTUM SHOT” #787 Link – article by M. Christian & Avi Abrams “- And He Built a Crooked House -” Emily Dickinson said it perfectly: “Where thou art, that is home.” But some very creative people, have taken that idea to wonderful extremes by building homes that aren’t just [...]

The Missing Links: How to Turn Junk Mail Into A Big Payday

A Perfectly Legal $95,000 Bank Heist Patrick Combs deposited a $95K junk mail bank check as a joke, fully expecting the transaction to be declined. Lucky for him the bank accepted the check – and it was totally legal. Needless to say the bank was none too pleased when they realized their error. * The Bluths Are Back The [...]

The Karate Kid Rehearsal and Lost Footage

During the production of the movie The Karate Kid, director John Avildsen kept footage shot of the blocking and rehearsals. And now those recordings have been uploaded to YouTube for your enjoyment. What Avildsen has posted, in 13 ten-minute segments, is the rehearsal that he and his actors conducted before principal photography began. The footage is [...]

Han Solo in Carbonite Guitar

Neatoramanaut Daniel Deutsch (who makes the Etch-A-Sketch iPad Cover) sent us these awesome photos of the best Star Wars guitar ever! The Han Solo in Carbonite guitar is handcrafted by Travis Stevens (who also created [...]

LEGO Battle of Helms Deep

This unbelievably detailed replica of the Battle of Helm’s Deep was created by Daniel Z was created for a department store display in Oslo, Norway. I don’t know about you guys, bit I would sure as heck shop at a store that prominently displayed something this delightfully geeky. Link Via Geekosystem

Animated Short – FABLE

(Vimeo Link) This beautiful and artsy animated short is called Fable, and it was created by artist and animation teacher Daniel Sousa. Daniel brings the strange to the natural world, with wondrous results. Fable is full of suspenseful moments, dark realism and a painterly look that makes it oh so nice to watch. –via Cartoon Brew

Jazz Allergy

Daniel Koren, whose heads (yes, plural) have been featured on Neatorama many times before, is back with "Jazz Allergy." If summertime has got you snifflin’ and sneezin’ away, this one’s for you: Hit play [...]

Integrated Pest Management of Manifestations as Infestations

or, Angels Are Insects by Sally Y. Shelton, Washington, DC, USA John E. Simmons, Lawrence, Kansas, USA and Tom J. K. Strang, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (With profuse apologies to A. S. Byatt) The considerable body of literature about angels is cluttered, to say the least, with confused speculation that goes much beyond the facts. A simple scientific [...]

A Zamboni on the Freeway?

(Video Link) It looks like an ice resurfacer, but this is actually Daniel Bourgeois’s heavily modified 1984 Chevrolet truck. This street legal vehicle can ferry you and eleven of your friends in style in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. Think: prom date. Photo Gallery -via Jalopnik

This Should Be Facebook’s Theme Song!

Poke! Happy Birthday, Facebook! Not only is today Facebook’s birthday, but no doubt that you’ve also heard that Facebook is going to go public soon. The $5 billion IPO will surely be a spectacle to watch – but you [...]