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The Last King of New Jersey: The Suburban Life of Napoleon’s Brother

As Napoleon Bonaparte expanded his new French Empire and conquered much of Western Europe, he doled out the spoils of war to his friends and family, whether they wanted it or not. Napoleon’s older brother Joseph, described by historians as “idealist, mild mannered, and lacking in vigor,” had wanted to be a writer, but was [...]

Why Is Cthulhu on This 300-Year-Old Gravestone?

Jess Nevins of io9 has pictures of the tombstone marking the grave of Rev. Ichabod Wiswall (1637-1700) in Duxbury, Massachusetts. Though largely forgotten today, Wiswall was a prominent political figure in 17th Century Massachusetts. It is unclear why his grave bears the image of cosmic entity Cthulhu: Duxbury does not feature in any of Lovecraft’s fiction; [...]

The Quick 10: Nine Fallen Natural Landmarks (and One That’s Stumbling)

Forget about London Bridge – it seems that everything is falling down. When it comes to natural landmarks, at least, it seems that you’d better catch ‘em while you can. Erosion – and occasionally vandals – are making nature’s birthmarks a thing of the past. Here are nine landmarks that you can no longer view [...]