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Needle-felted Stars

Kay Petal is an artist with a needle. Shes make needle-felted sculptures of famous folks from music, movies, TV, and the news. Surely you recognize Bruce Springsteen and Bono in the picture here. See a lot more at Petal’s website Felt Alive. She also sells supplies, patterns, and custom-felted dolls. Link -via Dangerous Minds


(YouTube link) You very well may recognize the voice, so stop reading if you want to watch and guess who did this little film. Okay, now? This film was produced in 1963 for a Bell Systems seminar in Chicago, by Jim Henson. It was recently retrieved from the AT&T Archives. -via Dangerous Minds

The Lifecycle of a Mushroom

(vimeo link) Thomas Beg animated the Lifecycle of a Mushroom for the Spectacular Science collaboration project in the style of the cartoons of the 1920s. Link -via Dangerous Minds

The Walken Dead

(YouTube link) “For every zombie who’s ever wanted their brains served with a side of cowbell”! Fans of the the AMC series The Walking Dead and fans of Christopher Walken will both love this parody. -via Dangerous Minds

Batman’s Origin Story

This unintentionally goofy mistranslation appears on a toy package in a Chinese dollar store. Unfortunately, the original photographer is unknown. -via Dangerous Minds


Artist Isabelle Foirest designed a set of four porcelain dinner plates that contain inkblots inspired by the classic Rorschach test. After you eat, you can discuss psychological analysis with your dinner guests! They are dishwasher safe, which is good, because if you hand wash them, you’d never be absolutely sure they are clean. The four [...]

Hey, Grate Goat!

Hang this illusion plaque in your home and just go about your business. Sooner or later, a guest will freak out, and you’ll have a laugh that’s well worth the $30 this artwork cost. Designed by Brooklyn artist Dan Witz. Also available in human and Tazmanian Devil. Link -via Dangerous Minds

Pool Paint Party

(YouTube link) Take a bunch of skateboarders, attach remote-control spray paint devices underneath the boards, and let them loose in a an empty pool. The result resembles a human Spirograph! -via Dangerous Minds

Homemade Absinthe

I can’t vouch for the quality or the safety of this recipe, since I haven’t tried it (and probably never will), but English Russia has a how-post on making your own absinthe. There are a lot of herbs involved. Wormwood: 100 g Fennel (fruit): 50 g Anise: 50 g Mint: 15 g Melissa: 8 g Chamomile: 3 g Cumin: 10 g Angelica: 10 [...]

Action Figures For The Politically Inclined

Marx, Thoreau, Mao and Lenin take a hike. This sounds like the set up for a joke, doesn’t it?. These Mountain Men action figures from Mountain Research come equipped with rucksacks, walking sticks and cute little hiking boots and are ready for a revolution or a picnic on a scenic mountain peak – your choice. [...]