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The Late Movies: Terry Gilliam’s Animation

Terry Gilliam is now a renowned director, but he got his start in illustration and cut-out animation — most notably for Monty Python. In the roundup below, I’ve collected some favorite Gilliam animated shorts. Warning: they are often crude and naughty. And Now for Something Completely Different A classic opener, featuring Conrad Poohs and [...]

The Late Movies: John O’Hurley Before (and After) J. Peterman

It’s been 14 years since Seinfeld went off the air (really!), but every time I see actor John O’Hurley, I think of him as J. Peterman, Elaine’s boss and the fictionalized version of the catalog-company entrepreneur. Before that, though, he took on roles in commercials (like Diet 7-Up) and soap operas (like General Hospital). And [...]

The Claptrap Groom’s Cake

He may not be able to move, but this cake, by Black Sheep Custom Cakes, looks so real that it’s easy to imagine him saying “look at me, I’m dancing! I’m dancing!” Link Via When Geeks Wed

TARDIS Belly Dancer with a Lightsaber

Dawn Xiana Moon’s dance troupe Raks Geek blends an assortment of geeky and dancing source material, including Doctor Who and Star Wars, belly dancing and fire spinning. If you’re in Chicago on August 3 and 4, you can watch it perform at the Viaduct Theater. Link -via Fashionably Geek

New York Educrats Banned Dinosaur, Birthday, Dancing, and Halloween

Won’t somebody think of the children? Actually, New York education bureaucrats are, in fact, thinking of the children when they banned references to dinosaurs, birthdays, dancing, and Halloween, lest kids got offended. That’s because [...]

Dubsteppin’ Grandma

(Video Link) Or, more precisely, she’s dancing to dubstep music. She’s no Marquese Scott yet, but the 94-year old grandmother of YouTube user chucklepley can bust out the moves. -via Geekosystem

Male Pole Dancing

If I say the words "pole dancing," what image comes to your mind? Scantily-clad women gyrating on a pole? Helloooo! It’s the twenty first century, people – where’s your sense of gender equality? Thankfully, a [...]

The Dancing Plague of 1518

Perhaps the very first authentic rave, the Dancing Plague of 1518 is one of the most bizarre incidents you’ll ever read about. It all started, well, back in the summer of 1518 in Strasbourg, France. Now, I know what you’re thinking: This sounds like a post you’d read over on The Onion. But verily I [...]

Diner en Blanc: "Secret" Flash Mob Dinner for 10,000 People

Remember that flash mob you went to? Well, that ain’t nothing compared to this – what we can seriously call the mother of all flash mob: a “secret” picnic called Dîner en Blanc, where 10,000 participants gather to have dinner and dancing: Three weeks ago, in the golden light of an early-summer evening, thousands of Parisians [...]


(YouTube link) Wow, a dancing human marshmallow with the voice of Elmo! This very strange but catchy video is from Finnish actor and comedian Riku Nieminen, who plays a character called Munamies (Egg Man). The name of this song, “Pomppufiilis” translates to English as “Bouncy Feeling.” -via The Daily What