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Grandpa Shufflin’

(YouTube link) There are no new dances, just new music. The original soundtrack for this video is here. Meanwhile, while I was trying to turn off the annotations, I accidentally hit the “snowflake” button on this video. Try it yourself and see what happens! -via Jason Kottke

Dr. Who Theme on Tesla Coils

(YouTube link) What kind of entertainment would you expect at Maker Faire? Arc Attack performing the Dr. Who theme on Tesla coils as Adam Savage of Mythbusters dances in a Faraday cage. Of course. -via Buzzfeed

Mathematical Dance Moves

This is good, but the moves get really explicit once you start into calculus. If you know who’s responsible for this great cartoon, let us know in the comments. via Geekosystem | Previously: Math Dances and Other College Application Videos

Dancing Android

(YouTube link) An android, meaning the Android phone mascot, dances up a storm in Taiwan. Impressive, for a guy in an inflatable costume! -via I Am Bored

World’s Happiest Penguin

(YouTube link) While some complain about the snow, this little guy dances for joy! Or maybe he just really likes the song “Auld Lang Syne.” It’s a Happy Feet New Year! -Thanks, √∂zi!