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A Belly Dancer’s Wedding Dress

JoEllen Elam, an artist whose motto is “when in doubt add more glitter,” made this wedding dress for a belly dancer: She is a belly dancer with a beautiful tattoo on her back that she wanted to elegantly show on her wedding day. I designed a gown that would be worthy of a princess belly dancer [...]

7 Celebrities Who Made It Big Thanks To Soul Train

Watching old episodes of Soul Train is always a good time. The outrageous outfits, the wonderful and wacky dance moves, the cool music acts and the sweet, soulful voice of Mr. Don Cornelius make up one excellent hour of television. If you start watching the reruns though, you may occasionally find yourself exclaiming “I recognize [...]

Dance, Dance Revolution

Bad news for men who shuffle their feet on the dance floor—such dance moves are not sexy. It might seem that taking the conservative route will help lure a lady, but researchers found that women prefer men who dance flamboyantly and move their necks, heads, torsos, and arms much like Carlton danced on The Fresh [...]