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Kitten Chorus Line

(YouTube link) Meet Fluffy, Muffy, Buffy, White Shirt, and Flop-ear. White Shirt has a touch of Attention Deficit Disorder. Together they formed a dance troupe and would love to work for anyone willing to replace the polka tunes with Rammstein. -via Buzzfeed

"Cats" by Ballet Zoom

(YouTube link) In a psychedelic world where modern dance meets special effects, this was way cool in its time. Ballet Zoom was a popular Spanish TV dance troupe of the mid-1970s. Read more about them and see more video at a tribute blog. Link | English translation -via Boing Boing

Cow Dance

(YouTube link) The street dance troupe Boadicea will be performing at the Olympic Opening Ceremonies in London later this month. Here they are cows, dancing for Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, in support of the Supporting Better Dairy campaign. LinkĀ  -Thanks, Jon!

TARDIS Belly Dancer with a Lightsaber

Dawn Xiana Moon’s dance troupe Raks Geek blends an assortment of geeky and dancing source material, including Doctor Who and Star Wars, belly dancing and fire spinning. If you’re in Chicago on August 3 and 4, you can watch it perform at the Viaduct Theater. Link -via Fashionably Geek

Amazing Folk Dancers Float across the Stage

(Video Link) In 1948, the Russian dance troupe Berezka formed, taking its name from the Russian word for birch tree. Audiences were mesmerized by its special step, hidden beneath the dancers’ long, flowing dresses. They appear to actually float over the floor! Skip to about 1:30 in the video to see this effect. Link -via The Presurfer

OK Go Music Video Features Body Letters

(Video Link) The band OK Go, noted for its innovative music videos, has paired up the the dance troupe Pilobolus for the video for their new single “All Is Not Lost”. Pilobolus does amazing storytelling using dancers’ bodies to create shadows. In this video, the dancers move to show the lyrics as they are sung. The official [...]