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The True Story Behind Pangaea’s Separation

While your teachers may have spread lies about planetary plates shifting and causing the continents to separate, Dan Meth is brave enough to share the truth with us. Pangaea occurred when the continents were cuddling with one another, but when tensions started to rise and the honeymoon phase ended, the happy group had no choice [...]

The Cheers Intelligence Graph

Dan Meth, the same artist who told us what prescriptions our favorite Pooh characters needed, has recently put together this graph of the relative intelligence of all the characters on Cheers. I personally agree with his assessment, what do you guys think? Link Via Laughing Squid

The Twin Towers in Film

(vimeo link) The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center may be gone, but they live on in film. Dan Meth put together this supercut of the buildings’ many appearances in movies. Here’s a list of the movies the towers were seen in.  -via The Desonesto Doctrine

Futuristic Movie Timeline

Dan Meth has put together a series of pop culture charts. Number 6 explores which year in the future science fiction films take place. I had no idea A Clockwork Orange took place in 1995. I remember that year being a lot more low key. Link via Geeks Are Sexy

Prescriptions for Winnie the Pooh Caracters

When you think about it, Winnie the Pooh makes a lot more sense when you consider all of the characters simply live inside of a mental institution. Dan Meth hit the nail on the head with this great medication chart. Link via Laughing Squid

Carl Sagan’s Fictional Cosmos

(College Humor link) Carl Sagan looks at the life forms on some of the billions and billions of planets outside our solar system in this animation by Dan Meth. You may recognize some of them. -via Everlasting Blort

Sandworm Size Chart

Dan Meth created this handy chart comparing the sizes of various sandworms. The next time you encounter one, it may help you to identify what type it is. Link -via Laughing Squid

Fantasy World Map

Dan Meth came up with the definitive map of fantasy places you know and love -all in one big continent! It’s “the very first accurate map of the entire fantasy world.” Let the arguments begin. Link -via Buzzfeed

Would The Wonder Years Be a Good Video Game?

(Video Link) In this video, Dan Meth imagines 80s-era Nintendo games based on the Chernobyl disaster, the movie Rain Man, The Arsenio Hall Show, and other icons of the 1980s. If you have any cheat codes for the Baby Jessica Well Rescue, please let me know.

Early Adopters Through History

(Video Link) Animator Dan Meth, whose work we’ve previously featured, made this cartoon about people who resist buying the latest technological wonders, like iPads and spears. “What — this? Oh, it’s my bone. It makes hunting for food way easier. You should get one.” Dan Meth’s Website