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The Quick 10: 10 Other Jobs Held by Horror Movie Icons

I had so much fun researching yesterday’s post that I thought I’d do a related one about what your favorite horror movie icons did before and after they gave you nightmares in their murderous roles. After all, the person you think of as a terrifying-ghost-girl-crawling-out-of-a-television may also be your daughter’s favorite Disney character… 1. Doug Bradley, [...]

The Late Movies: Black Cab Sessions

The Black Cab Sessions are a series of lo-fi, one-take performances by notable musicians, filmed for an internet audience in the back of black cabs as they ply the busy streets of London. It’s a strangely intimate venue, an unconventional setting that’s produced some remarkable performances. Here are some of our favorites. Fleet Foxes Lead singer Robin [...]

Surprising Findings in North and South Korea

“QUANTUM SHOT” #590Link – Article by Ian Scott and Avi Abrams No Whistling, Abandoned Hotels Fetish – and Some Very Well-Behaved Ladies In many ways, I guess everything about Korea was inevitably going to surprise me, because I knew so little about the country before I came here. It’s on the other side of the world from [...]