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Storms on the Sun

We have seen a couple of solar flares this year that gave us beautiful auroras in areas that don’t normally see such lights. But that was nothing compared to the coronal mass ejection known as the Carrington Super Flare in 1859. That night there was scarcely a square inch of earth that was not illuminated by [...]

The Most Dangerous Drug On Earth

Heroin and crack aren’t nearly as addictive and they won’t do as much damage to your body -ok, that last part might be an exaggeration. Sure these syringes may be dangerous, but it’s hard to resist something you can use to inject Nutella into everything you eat. Link Via That’s Nerdalicious

7 Stories of People Who Refused to be Limited (in 2012)

Is it just me, or are there more and more global news stories about disabled people accomplishing feats that would be quite newsworthy for able-bodied people? I believe it is happening more and more, as modern attitudes about those who’ve had physical setbacks change to reflect reality. People termed “disabled” have always had the will [...]

Integrated Pest Management of Manifestations as Infestations

or, Angels Are Insects by Sally Y. Shelton, Washington, DC, USA John E. Simmons, Lawrence, Kansas, USA and Tom J. K. Strang, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (With profuse apologies to A. S. Byatt) The considerable body of literature about angels is cluttered, to say the least, with confused speculation that goes much beyond the facts. A simple scientific [...]

Elephant Underpass Reuniting Kenya Herds

Migrating elephants are just doing their thing, but cause damage to farms and fences, and run into trouble on highways. But an underpass beneath Nanyuki-Meru road in northern Kenya, built just for the elephants, allows herds to pass through the area with ease. It was completed in 2010, and hundreds of elephants have been seen [...]

Brain Damage May Be an Advantage for Gamblers

by Alice Shirrell Kaswell, Improbable Research Staff Brain damage has its disadvantages, but an American study suggests that it can sometimes give gamblers a winning edge. The researchers take a flier at explaining how and why certain brain lesions might, in some circumstances, help a person triumph over others or over adversity. The study, published in the [...]

FEMA Looks to Waffle House for Data

Craig Fugate, the current head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), knows a few things about how to assess damage in a disaster area. There’s hard data, and then there’s a sense of how things are, developed by experience. First, there is the well-known Saffir-Simpson Wind Scale. Then there is what he calls the “Waffle [...]

Destruction Caused By The East Coast Earthquake

The East Coast is still recovering from a less-than-devastating earthquake that shook walls, knocked stuff over on desks and generally didn’t do a whole lot of damage. The folks over at BuzzFeed have gathered together a gallery of images that shows just how simple it will be for the folks on the East Coast to [...]

Happy Rabies Day!

Did you know that today is World Rabies Day? Well, now you do. Our pal Asylum blog has a neat post about rabies trivia, including these gems: People who get rabies don’t go vampire.Somewhat surprisingly, we could find no evidence that the spastic delirium brought on by this horrible plague has caused a person to start [...]

Daily sex helps improve sperm quality

Having sex every day improves men’’s sperm quality, an Australian study has revealed. In a study of men with fertility problems, researchers found that daily ejaculation for a week cut the amount of DNA damage seen in sperm samples. “All that we knew was that intercourse on the day of ovulation offered the highest chance of pregnancy, [...]