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Your Partner for Mushroom Processing on an Industrial Scale

Havatec makes, among other things, massive industrial machinery for processing mushrooms. Now, the world of industrial mushroom processing may not seem that interesting, and I’ll admit I’m glad it’s not my day job, but it’s impressive to see how much effort and thoughtful mechanical work has gone into sorting, trimming, and otherwise preparing mushrooms [...]

Santa Hat Brownies

These adorable brownie bites wear little Santa hats made of strawberries! You’ll find instructions for making your own at daisy’s world. Link -via Buzzfeed

Flowery Bits

NOTHING SAYS TECHNOLOGY LIKE FLOWERS The flower business might seem old-fashioned, but 1-800-FLOWERS is anything but behind the times. In the 1980s, it was one of the first businesses to operate a 1-800 number, taking calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And in 1991, during the Gulf War, the company made the risky [...]

Bovine Breakout

(YouTube link) A farmer in south Armagh, Northen Ireland, thought someone was trying to steal his cattle, as they were found outside several times after being locked in the barn for the night. When a camera was installed in the barn, the culprit was found. It was Daisy, the smartest of the cows. Link -via Arbroath

The Donald Duck Family Tree

Disney dorks like me will find this peek at Donald Duck’s lineage fascinating. Drawn by comic artist Don Rosa, it first appeared in “Walt Disney’s Comics (and Stories)” in 1995. It gives us a peek at little-known characters like “Sir Swamphole McDuck” and “Humperdink Duck.” What’s up with the mystery around Huey, Dewie and Louie’s [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Obscure Disney Characters

No doubt you’re familiar with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and their posse of pen-and-ink pals. They all have incredibly complicated (and sometimes contradicting) backstories involving rarely-seen relations who pop up when it’s convenient to a comic strip plot. Here are 10 little-known Disney characters you’re probably never going to find signing autographs at [...]

Daisy Wants Pancakes Now!

(Video Link) Daisy and Caspar are dogs. Every Saturday, their hoomin makes pancakes for them. Caspar is very mellow and waits patiently for pancakes to be inserted into his mouth. Daisy, as you can see, is not. via Geekosystem

8 Disabled Animals That Triumphed Over Adversity

Like humans, animals are prone to birth defects and devastating accidents that leave them disabled. What’s incredible about all creatures (including mankind) is their ability to thrive despite their challenges and survive against all odds. These 8 animals are inspirations not just to those with disabilities, but to everyone who’s faced a seemingly impossible challenge. 1. [...]

Internet Cat Costumes

Internet memes make great Halloween costumes, although they are usually only clever for one year. The exception is cats, because their popularity (at least on the internet) goes on and on. Here are some clever LOLcat Halloween Costumes. Jacki was Spaghetti Cat in 2008. You don’t have the time to make a better costume for this [...]