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The World’s Ugliest Buildings

This is the Elephant Building in Bangkok. Is it ugly or an acquired taste? Yeah, I agree: ugly. The Daily Telegraph rounded up pictures of twenty-one hideous buildings around the world. What’s the ugliest building that you’ve ever seen? Link -via Joe Carter | Photo: xophe_g

Money Can’t Buy Happiness, So Man Gives Away Every Penny of His £3 Million Fortune

Karl Rabeder grew up poor and thought that life would be wonderful if he had money. But when he got rich, Karl discovered that he was unhappy … so he decided to give away every penny of his £3 million fortune: “My idea is to have nothing left. Absolutely nothing,” he told The Daily Telegraph. “Money [...]

20 Strangest Craigslist Advertisements

The Daily Telegraph has assembled what it considers to be the twenty strangest ads ever placed on Craigslist. These include a chair that Ralph Nader once (possibly) sat in, a drunk clown, and a woman who would like to rent out her bathroom. Here’s one for a vast collection of papal mitres — Pope hats: “Because [...]

Fifty Things Being Destroyed By the Internet

Matthew Moore of The Daily Telegraph has a list of fifty technological or cultural features being eroded or eliminated by the Internet. Here are a few samples. What would you add to the list? 1) The art of polite disagreement While the inane spats of YouTube commencers may not be representative, the internet has certainly sharpened the [...]

What 20 Websites Looked Like When They Were First Launched

Image: Daily Telegraph The Daily Telegraph has an image gallery of twenty websites when they were first published. It includes Google, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Craiglist. The image above is of the White House’s website when it was launched in 1994. Link via Urlesque