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Taco Bell Sued over Beef Taco

Someone has got a beef with Taco Bell. A woman recently filed a lawsuit claiming that the fast food chain’s beef taco contain so little meat that it can’t be legally called “beef.” Attorney Dee Miles said attorneys had Taco Bell’s “meat mixture” tested and found it contained less that 35 percent beef. The lawsuit on behalf [...]

Election Night Bingo

Today’s election day, so you know what’s coming soon: election night, where pundits mix fantastical nonsense with Captain Obvious-worthy facts. Whether you’re a political junkie or an apathetic citizen, here’s something to do while watching election night coverage on TV: the Election Night Bingo made by Brendan Nyhan – via The Daily Dish

Timelapse Video of People in Yosemite

People in Yosemite: A TimeLapse Study from Steven M. Bumgardner on Vimeo. Steven Bumgardner’s video clearly shows the impact of people on Yosemite, but it also shows how the magnificence of the setting reduces people to the scale of insects. The time-lapse element is reminiscent of Koyaanisqatsi. I chose busy places during busy days to show the [...]