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Big Daddy Styled Nerf Maverick Gun

What a beautiful example of Nerf Maverick gun modding! It’s a Big Daddy styled pistol with a dome that lights up and a Little Sister hanging out on the back looking for any extra EVE lying around the room. It was created by Amanda Jean Lopez, a huge Bioshock fan who really outdid herself when she crafted [...]

The Diving Suit That Inspired The Big Daddy

Remember that mindless bucket of bolts known as the Big Daddy that you had a hard time killing while playing Bioshock 1 and 2? Well, it turns out that the iconic look of the Big Daddy was inspired by an actual diving suit that dates back to 1882. Created by brothers Alphonse and Theodore Carmagnolle, it weighed [...]

8 Bogus Ideas About Animals

Do lemmings really jump off cliffs? Are “daddy longlegs” the deadliest spiders, but with fangs too small to hurt you? Do dogs only see in black-and-white? In this fun and educational video, truthwizard C.G.P Grey busts these and five other longstanding myths and misconceptions about our cuddly (and creepy-but-non-deadly) animal friends. [...]

Daddy’s Little Cylon

Daddy’s Little Cylon – $17.95 Did you just download your consciousness into a new skinjob model, … er, just have a baby? Here’s a neat baby snapsuit for the Battlestar Galactica fan: Daddy’s Little Cylon from the NeatoShop. Check it out: Link | More Battlestar Galactica Infant Snapsuits