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The Giant Spiders Are Back!

For those of you who don’t remember, we did a post about giant spiders invading Seattle not too long ago. Well, that is only partially true- it only looked like that. In actuality the creatures were painted Daddy-longlegs (actually not spiders at all) by the artist Marlin Peterson, on top of the Seattle Center Armory. [...]

Giant Spiders on the Roof

We’re going to need a bigger shoe. Thankfully, this is just an illusion. Marlin Peterson painted Daddy longlegs on the roof of the Seattle Center Armory. When viewed from the right perspective, they look like real life spiders. Artist’s Website -via Colossal

8 Bogus Ideas About Animals

Do lemmings really jump off cliffs? Are “daddy longlegs” the deadliest spiders, but with fangs too small to hurt you? Do dogs only see in black-and-white? In this fun and educational video, truthwizard C.G.P Grey busts these and five other longstanding myths and misconceptions about our cuddly (and creepy-but-non-deadly) animal friends. [...]