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Dad Pulls The Long Troll

Take your time – read the sign. I feel bad for this little girl, her dad is a Reddit troll. Somehow I think this will end up as a traumatic event for this girl, she will never want to sign another contract again. Marriage? Forget about it! She has already made one 17 year commitment [...]

Stanley the Train and Other Toys Launched into Space

You may have seen Stanley’s ascent to the stratosphere already, animated with appropriate reactions as Thomas’ buddy travels 18 miles into the sky then plummets back to the ground. (Ron Fugelseth’s train-launching project is “probably the coolest thing a dad can do,” according to Gizmodo. I’m inclined to agree.) But Stanley wasn’t the first toy [...]

Dad’s Not Worth As Much As Mom When It Comes To Household Chores

Father’s Day is this coming Sunday, so tell your dad that you love him and that you appreciate all the daddy duties that he did, like getting rid of that icky bug from the house. But don’t tell him that he’s [...]

Werewolf Feet

Werewolf Feet – $14.95 Are you itching to get Dad a Father’s Day gift he will really love? Get him the Werewolf Feet from the NeatoShop. Dad will be over the moon for these fantastic slippers. We have no doubt he will have a howling good time wearing them around the house. Be sure to check out [...]

Dad’s New iPad

(YouTube link) “So Dad, how do you like that iPad we got you?” is the only line you might possibly need for this story, which is in German. That was the title this had at reddit, but a full translation is in the comments. You might get more information from the thread -if you read Deutsch. [...]

6 Wacky Stories of Crazy Beast Masters

Meet Koun Samang. When he was only three months old, his father found a python curled up in his crib. The dad removed the snake from the house, but it showed up again. It was released back in the jungle and then it came back again. It happened a total of three times before the [...]

Boy finds 30-year-old human fingers in jar

A schoolboy in France has unearthed an old jar containing several well-preserved severed fingers. The boy’s dad contacted local police who were able t…

M&Ms in Water Drops

How did Flickr user Northwest dad do it? Was it Photoshop? No! Scroll down to see his clever camera setup. | Link -via That’s Nerdalicious!

My School Lunches Never Looked This Cool

Every lunch period would be an adventure if kids had lunch bags that look as cool as these! Take a look at this dad’s Tumblr page and see why his son sports a great big grin to school every day. Link -via GeeksAreSexy

Die-Hard Fan

There are fans, there are die hard fans, then there’s Roy Miracle. His daughter Juli took this photo of Roy in his final proclamation of love for the Ohio State Buckeyes: “Now Dad is the permanent “I”" Father, the “I” was a HUGE fan. Long time fan who was always the “I-O”, is forever the permanent “I”. Roy [...]