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Putty Boy Strut

(YouTube link) Mechanical bugs eat and reproduce the same way biological bugs do! The video for the song “Putty Boy Strut” by Flying Lotus was directed by Cyriak Harris (as if you couldn’t tell by looking at it). You can click and drag the little robots around in a game that accompanies the song. Link -via [...]

Yellow Bridges Music Video

(YouTube link) Cyriak Harris made a music video for the song “Yellow Bridges” by the band El Ten Eleven. He used one log, two twigs, a couple of leaves, and Adobe After Effects to create his mesmerizing biological fractals. -via Laughing Squid

Inside Cyriak’s Brain

(YouTube link) In Cyriak Harris‘ new video, Because, we get to see what he looks like -sort of. His explanation: So I found a stupid photo of my face and decided to make a video out of it. Why? Just because. Its all done with 3d layers in Adobe After Effects, it also gave my computer severe indigestion [...]


(YouTube link) Cobwebs is an animation sequence full of spiders that Cyrak Harris made for Showtime. Be warned this has seriously creepy imagery, but you would expect nothing less from Cyriak. -via The Daily What

Festive Greetings From Cyriak

(YouTube Link) This disturbing little assault on your senses comes courtesy of British animator Cyriak, who wants to put the cry back in Christmas. This is how he sees the holiday season- yams giving birth, and skulls sporting Santa hats that explode with new life. *shivers* –via BoingBoing

Cows & Cows & Dance

(YouTube link) Shena took Cyriak’s animation Cows & Cows & Cows and turned it into an interpretive dance. Now if Cyriak were to take the dancers out of this video and manipulate them into his vision of dance, that would be …just like Cyriak. -via The Daily What


(YouTube link) The new animation from Cyriak Harris might induce nightmares, if you are susceptible to suggestion. You’ve been warned. -via Laughing Squid

We Got More

(YouTube link) The new music video for “We Got More” by Eskimo was directed by animator Cyriak Harris. You may be familiar with his work, as he’s been featured previously at Neatorama. -via The Daily What