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The Empire Strikes Back With Another Deleted Scene

(YouTube Link) I’m sure you’re thinking “Gee, just what we need, another deleted scene…”, but this one’s a little different than the rest. In this scene from The Empire Strikes Back, featuring Han and Leia bickering and oozing all kinds of sexual tension, you get to see Harrison Ford’s acting sound forced and a bit hackneyed, [...]

Deleted Scene From Lost Explains More Than The Show Finale

(Video Link) If you were disappointed by the lack of explanation in the last episode of Lost, then this deleted scene from the end of season one will probably leave a bad taste in your mouth. Is this clip for real, or just a clever way for the show’s producers to get revenge for the backlash [...]

Saved from The Cutting Room Floor

Rambo, Mr. Spock, The Joker. One thing they all have in common is that the characters were almost discarded before they had a chance. Read the stories of 7 Iconic Characters They Saved from The Cutting Room Floor and the people who believed in them. This article from Cracked is worth a read just for [...]