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If Kitties Starred In Portal

Chell and GLaDOS are much cuter in Reddit user GryphElyse’s depiction of events. Link Via Kotaku

Meet Spudina, the Spineless Hedgehog

What’s cuter than a hedgehog who lost all her spikes and now needs a sweater to keep warm? Nothing! Meet Spudina, the spineless hedgehog: The animal was found by a member of the public in a garden in Bedford and has been named Spudlina by staff as her skin resembles that of a potato. The two year [...]

Heidi, the Cutest Cross-Eyed Opossum You’ll Meet Today!

What’s cuter than an opossum? How about a cross-eyed, fat one named Heidi who lives at the Leipzig zoo: Heidi’s poor vision – thanks to her bulging eyes – has struck a chord with the public, but zookeepers say it does not cause many problems. As opossums are nocturnal they rely heavily on their sense of [...]

The Great Escape Attempt

Could anything be cuter than a baby panda climbing out of a crib? I don’t think so. Wen Li the cub tried her great escape at the Chengdu Giant Panda Research Institute in China. Unfortunately, her sense of balance is still a bit wobbly and she toppled over the side, ending up with little more than [...]