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These Adopted Cubs Sure Are Talkative

(Video Link) When a tiger mom abandoned her cubs at a Russian zoo, Tallim, a white Swiss Shepherd, stepped in to nurse the cubs and serve as their surrogate mother. Let’s just hope the job came with some ear plugs. Via Cute Overload

Navann’s First Bath Is A Big Success

(Video Link) It’s always easier when your little one enjoys bath time, even if he’s a six day old elephant. Via Cute Overload

It’s A Big Decision

(Video Link) “Should I munch on this one delicious piece of kibble or should I save it?” Poor little mango, she has so many hard choices in her life. Via Cute Overload

Someone Loves Cucumbers

(Video Link) The music is cute, but it needs to be louder and made into a remix to go along with this adorable little one’s voracious appetite. Via Cute Overload

Cats Aren’t The Only Ones Who Love Laser Pointers

(Video Link) In fact, even most cats don’t go quite that crazy over laser pointers. This little Frenchy is quite a speed racer. Via Cute Overload

Ooooh, What’s This Thingy Do?

As priceless as this photo is, it still seems like you’re failing at scuba diving if your head’s out of water and the animals are sneaking up behind you. Link Via Cute Overload

This Dog Looks A Little Funny

(Video Link) I can’t help but think this cat is asking himself, “I get that he’s from the prairie, but this is still the weirdest dog I’ve ever seen.” Via Cute Overload

And Stroke! Stroke!

(Video Link) I can’t tell if this little guy is trying to swim in the air or to fly like one of the wacky turtles in Super Mario Bros. What do you think? Via Cute Overload

What A Vivid Little Hamster Dream!

(Video Link) I like to imagine that he’s dreaming of fields of corn and papaya. Yummy! Via Cute Overload

That Is One Happy Little Goose

(Video Link) That’s the same thing I do when I get a tiny bite of my favorite food. Everybody do the happy dance!!! Via Cute Overload