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Return of Loca the Singing Pug

(Video Link) If you remember Loca and the challenges she faces while running, then you might be happy to see that running isn’t her sole means of transportation. In fact, she’s actually part of the coolest doggie biker gang around. Warning: while this is a cute animal video it actually contains a few naughty words and an [...]

Cat vs Dog: Who Rulez Teh Interweb?

Despite of what you may hear, cats are not the King of the Interweb. According to a new study of shared links by Bitly, dogs are still the top dog of cute animals on the Web: While cats have a respectable lead, [...]

The Late Movies: Garden Produce

Personally, I am SO enjoying the bounty of a summer garden, eating the freshest and tastiest salads of the year, even though I am also looking at weeks of canning work. Everyone loves fresh garden produce, as you’ll see in these cute animal videos. Dog Eating Orange I don’t see that he getting a lot out of [...]